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Paris Elopement photography

Eiffel Tower Wedding Paris Elopement

My wedding photography has taken me to Paris a few times now, capturing couples in love against the backdrop of the most romantic city in the world.

When I talk about eloping in Paris, I am sure you get the idea of an utterly romantic and enchanting celebration- and you’re not far from reality. The City of Lights is known for its stunning architecture; its charming streets and iconic landmarks make it the perfect setting for elopement photography.

There are of course a few things to consider with it being such a popular and instagrammable location - the crowds of people surrounding each landmark. If you want photos in front of the Louvre, for example, you'd need to head there at sunrise like we did with Nicole and Kelsey, arriving there for 7am in June and it was totally empty, with a gorgeous sunrise glow.

Louvre Wedding Paris Elopement

The Paris Elopements I have done so far have been around 4 hours long, so we focused on 4 main areas; The Tuileries Garden, Pont Alexandre II, The Eiffel backdrop (of course!) and the Louvre Museum with surrounding archways.

Walking hand in hand through the busy streets, amidst the rich history and culture of the city. We stopped off at a classic french cafe, although, if given more time, I would have opted for a cappuccino and to capture their love through the glass of the famous La Rotonde cafe or Cafe de Flore. I'd highly recommend adding these to the list! Again, it may need to be arranged prior to arriving, if you wanted a clear shot with no other customers. I wouldn't worry about this too much though, as it adds to the authenticity of your photos.

Paris is full of beautiful and intimate locations, from charming bridges to secret gardens. I feel like I could visit so many times and always find something new to photograph. If you're thinking of eloping in Paris in one of the warmer months - maybe a spring or summer elopement - then I would highly recommend hiring a private vintage boat to cruise down the Seine. Even better if it's during golden hour! We visited in November, so weren't able to - next time! 

What to wear?

Siobhan wore the most stunning hand-painted wedding dress by 'It was all a dream' - the same label as Savin London. I am absolutely obsessed with the puff sleeves, catching the light as the sun went down. The gown flowed beautifully in the November breeze, creating a sense of movement and energy in the photos.

For anyone eloping, I would always recommend some kind of movement in the materials you choose. If you're opting for a short, structured wedding dress, then why not add a long flowing veil? The same goes for the flowers - keep it wild and free, with lots of texture. I love a long ribbon too, to add to that sense of movement.

As the city transforms at night, the streets are lit with sparkling lights, and the monuments take on a new beauty. I would recommend staying out until the sun has set to capture the lights of the Eiffel Tower. Why not merge two wedding trends by having a dress change and capturing some black and white flash photos in the evening.

Eloping in Paris is an experience of a lifetime, encircled by love, history, and culture. If you’re looking for a unique, personal experience, head to my website to discover more or contact me below to arrange your Paris elopement photography.

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