What is candid wedding photography?

Candid wedding photography is also referred to as 'documentary wedding photography', 'wedding photojournalism' or 'reportage'.

This journalistic style is one of the most popular styles of wedding photography at the moment, focusing on capturing the unposed, natural moments.

Think of it as storytelling through images.

When shooting a 100% candid wedding, this means no interruptions from the photographer. The photographer acts more like a guest, capturing the beautiful moments from a distance. This allows the images to be real, full of emotion and energy. It also allows for a smoother flow throughout the day.

Lots of couples also choose to have couple portraits and group shots, which is totally fine - it's your day after all. It's best not to spend too much time away from the party, so allocating someone like the Best Man to gather the key people together helps move this along quicker - making sure there's plenty of time for dancing!

Getting you to do awkward, cheesy poses isn't my thing. I'll work with you to get the most beautiful couple's portraits in the most natural way. Yes - even you who claims to be 'so awkward in front of the camera'. Trust me on the day and I promise you won't regret taking some time out to capture you two alone.

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